jhodges Archive

Jonathan Hodges (jhodges) ran jhodges.org from 2004 until 2007, before joining HailToPurple as a contributor.  The portion of his blog that was dedicated to Northwestern football regularly included pre-game previews, post-game analysis, and commentary. 

In July 2007 jhodges continued these posts on HTP.  In 2008 jhodges became the primary content provider for HailToPurple.com, providing most of the game previews, post-game analysis, and commentary, until his departure from the site in 2012.

Click the links below for archives of each of the areas where jhodges provided commentary, including his additional guest commentary provided at the end of the 2022 season.

jhodges' articles are archived on HailToPurple, and so are his season commentaries.

These include:

  • Game Preview (posted before every game): the most in-depth pregame analysis of Northwestern football anywhere
  • Post-Game Analysis (posted after every game): complete post-game analysis with stats, storylines, and more
  • Commentary: opinion and analysis of the most pressing issues in college football focused on Northwestern and the Big Ten
  • Bowl Analysis: in-depth bowl scenarios once Northwestern reached bowl eligibility

While GoUPurple maintains HailToPurple.com, jhodges maintained the hailtopurple twitter feed.  hailtopurple twitter features:

- Links to newly posted HTP content
- INSTANT updates and analysis throughout the week, including gameday
- LIVE Twitpic (picture) updates for every home game and select away game(s)
- NU odds (updated throughout each gameweek)
- NU game weather forecast (updated throughout each gameweek)
- Fitzquote: Coach Fitzgerald's best and most outrageous quotes
- Stat of the Day: periodic statistics concerning NU's upcoming game
- NU Media Coverage: links to NU football coverage around the web
- Injury Updates and Analysis (Thursday of each gameweek)
- NU Bowl Projections from around the web (updated weekly)
- TV coverage and game time announcements
- Links to important college football articles from around the web

Jonathan also managed the HTP Facebook page, which features commentary from the HTP twitter feed, as well as additional material from jhodges and GoUPurple.

Beginning in 2009, the material that jhodges posted to HailToPurple.com was also syndicated at BleacherReport.com.