At the end of each season summarizes some of the articles and comments featured on the website during the year.  Click here for the HailToPurple archives.

The Top 50 Wildcat Football Traditions

To demonstrate just how rich Northwestern's set of traditions truly is, has compiled a list of the fifty greatest traditions of Northwestern and NU football.

Readers were asked to submit lists of their favorite NU football traditions (or NU traditions in general), as well as personal traditions that they have which concern NU football.  I've compiled the lists and based the ranking below on the responses.

Click here for the list of NU football's top traditions.

The 25 Best Games in Wildcat History

What are the greatest games in Northwestern football history? Here are three lists.

The first list is from  Our list covers all eras of NU football and is updated as needed.  The second list was written by Bill Jauss for the NU athletic department and is taken from a 1999 football program.  The third list also comes from the athletic department, and represents the games the university considered the team's best-played during its first 100 years of intercollegiate play.

Click here for the list of NU's greatest games.

Ranking the NU Football Coaches

A list of all of NU's former head coaches...

Remembering Coach Randy Walker

The Northwestern community suffered a tremendous loss on June 29, 2006, when head coach Randy Walker died unexpectedly.  We remember a truly great coach.

Learn about the background and history of Northwestern's three traditional school songs.  And, in an exclusive feature, listen to NU's "lost fight songs"!

Also, hear early versions of some of NU's great songs from the vault.

The Trivia Archive

From 2000 to 2005 posted the Trivia Question of the Week during the football season.  Click here to see an archive of all the trivia questions, by season.

The Trivia Hall of Fame

Here is the archive of all the trivia respondants who correctly answered at least 15 trivia questions and made it to the Hall of Fame.

Wildcats in 3-D has transformed several photographs of NU football into three-dimensional images.

Grab your 3-D glasses and check out these eye-popping photos from the gridiron!

Ask Bobble Head Willie®!

That's right, guys!  It's Ask Bobble Head Willie
!  No more nagging uncertainty, no more lingering doubts!  Now all your questions will be answered by an "insider,"  Willie himself!

Are you not entertained?

Video Downloads from 2010

Here is a phone cam video capture, from the stands, of NU's new entrance routine for the players during the pregame festivities.  The new entrance practice (with 'Cat head portal, pyrotechnics, and smoke) made its debut before the September 11, 2010 game with Illinois State.

Video Downloads from 2008

Here is a camera phone video capture of the students celebrating with the team after the win over Illinois, the ninth win of the 2008 season:

Movie Poster and Other Images Archive

....Say no more!  Click here to view, in their grandeur, the images that moved a generation and shaped a sport: POSTERS!

This season, be sure to grab your seat.

Four views of Ryan Field, as seen from space.
Composite image created using technology from GlobeXplorer.